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Transform Your Home with a Marine Rail System

Turning your home into a luxurious waterfront paradise isn’t just a dream anymore. At Dock Masters Inc we can create it well within reach for you! With advanced docking technology, you can easily transform any existing property into an opulent nautical getaway for all your leisure and entertainment needs. At the cutting edge of dock design, is an innovative new product called the “Docking Station,” which takes ease of use to the next level with its sleek design and comprehensive features. In this blog post, we’ll dive into some of those features in more detail and discuss what makes this unique approach to docks so attractive to homeowners looking to enjoy their waterfront environment in style!

The New Standard in Docking: Accommodate Aluminum Fishing Boats

The docking station is designed to easily accommodate both aluminum fishing boats and pontoon boats up to twenty-three feet in length with adjustable steel. With its simple, one-size-fits-all design, it is sure to fit into almost any space, no matter the size of your vessel. A rail system is an ideal solution for keeping your boat safe and secure, whether it be stored in a boat house or on terra firma throughout the year. Dock Masters Inc is licensed and insured in addition to our many years of experience and professionalism.

The marine-grade aluminum is crafted from corrosion-resistant aluminum and stainless steel hardware, this ramp is ideal for use in saltwater, brackish water, and freshwater. Our railways can comfortably transport aluminum fishing boats, as well as cabin cruisers that weigh up to 10,000 or more. The full-length cushion padding lends ultimate support!

For optimal winching, MR15 requires a robust track width of 8 feet and an overall support type beam width of 7’6″, as well as an aluminum long bunk to ensure the safest possible performance.

Marine Railway Systems

It offers secure anchoring solutions to ensure that your boat stays in place even in rough waters. With the docking station’s built-in ratcheting strap, marine-grade stainless steel cables, and heavy-duty cleats, you can rest assured that your boat is safe from damage or theft during all seasons of the year. The marine railways are not complicated to our professionals at Dock Masters Inc.

The shore tracker is a revolutionary boat navigation system that has taken the boating world by storm. This innovative system consists of a motorized cart, accompanied by a two-way cable system for track rails to ensure dependable transport. Schedule a free estimate today at (321) 848-8837. Our marine railways are suitable always for a variety of boating enthusiasts!

Frequently Asked Questions

A marine railway is a system of docks, rails, and hoists that are used to launch and retrieve boats from the water. The boat is placed onto the rails and then either pushed or pulled out of the water using a motorized winch. Once on shore, the boat can be securely stored in its slip or along other docks.

A boat rail system is a specialized type of dock that allows boats to move from one location to another by riding on rails. This system typically consists of two parallel tracks, each with an accompanying guide rail, and a motorized winch used to power the transport of the boat. The boat is secured in place using special clamps or straps before.

To contact Dock Masters Inc, please call us at (321) 848-8837. Our team of experienced dock specialists will be happy to assist you with all your docking and boat rail system needs. Thank you for considering Dock Masters Inc!

A marine rail dock is a special system that allows boats to be transported from one location to another by riding on the rails of a reinforced track. This type of dock uses two parallel tracks with accompanying guide rails, and a motorized winch to power the movement of the boat along its route. The boat is secured in place using special clamps or straps before being pulled.

Yes, many electric winches are designed with a reversible motor that allows for both forward and backward movement. This is especially beneficial in applications where the boat or other object needs to be moved in multiple directions. Some models have variable speed settings that allow operators to control the speed of the winch depending on their specific needs.