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Dock Masters Inc. Can Build Water Stairs for Docks & More

If you own a dock, you know that maintaining it can be a tricky and time-consuming process. Dock Masters Inc. can make your life easier by installing your water stairs. Water stairs are specially designed for docks, and they can make a big difference in both the appearance and functionality of your dock. Keep reading to learn more about water stairs and how they can benefit you as a dock owner. It is important to have professionals such as Dock Masters Inc. to build for you so you are not left with regret!

Add Value to Your Dock with the Professionals at Dock Masters Inc.

When it comes to steps for your dock, Dock Masters Inc. has the expertise to deliver high-quality services that will add value to your dock while ensuring safety and convenience. Their specialized steps install securely into the deck of docks and feature numerous design options, installing quickly and easily with included hardware and tools.


Customize Your Build to Your Liking

When you reach out to us we can get an understanding of how you want to customize your dock build to better suit your needs and wants. We’ll go over some popular options and help you decide what’s right for you. Whether you’re a first-time dock owner or a seasoned pro looking for a professional to get the project going, here we are. Let’s get started!

Dock Masters Inc. has the dock you’ve been waiting for to customize your waterfront. Our dock steps and dock surfaces are built with Marine grade aluminum, supported by dock floats to form a strong foundation, with several options for lake bottom depth, so no worries about rising or falling lake levels. You can choose between a pier dock or dock section with one or two handrails depending on what would give your desired dock build more stability.

Every ladder is made of Marine grade aluminum that not only gives you endless possibilities of customizability, but also the benefit of corrosion resistance and longevity. Dock Masters Inc. will make sure you have exactly what you need to create your perfect dock surface. We understand that the details matter from the ladders to the handrail, and bulkhead.

We Have Experience with Dock Stairs

At Dock Masters Inc., we have experience and knowledge in installing water stairs that will provide you with the safety and convenience you need to enjoy all your activities on the dock. Our experts are prepared to help you find the right steps for your needs, by considering factors such as slope, depth of exit/entry point, and type of dock materials. If you want to get started on the right steps for your project, give us a call at (321) 848-8837 and we’ll be happy to provide an expert technician with a free onsite consultation. Don’t hesitate to contact us today!

With highly experienced professionals behind each project, you can count on a job done right with our unbeatable customer service. Dock Masters Inc. brings years of experience and commitment to providing excellent steps that will make your dock safer, more beautiful, and more enjoyable than ever.

Floating Docks

You may have already guessed that a floating dock is exactly as it sounds a dock that’s situated above the water. We can install or remove these docks for you. They are highly sought-after by those who don’t want to bother with more permanent options, while their ability to rise and fall according to tidal patterns makes them even more desirable if you live in an area subjected to wide fluctuations in sea level.

Seawall Repair

Not only does Dock Masters Inc. provide comprehensive inspections, but we can also offer a broad assortment of services for seawall repair and construction. From erosion repairs to damage caused by storms, the experienced team at Dock Masters Inc. is here to make sure your seawall remains in optimal condition!


seawall repair

Dock Masters Inc. is Licensed & Insured

Dock Masters Inc has the highest level of certification and insurance, giving you peace of mind that our team of certified professionals is more than capable to handle any dock, deck, seawall, or boat lift repair project in Florida. Your safety is paramount to us that’s why all employees adhere strictly to safety protocols while onsite!

Frequently Asked Questions

Dock stairs are a set of steps that connect your dock to the water. It is important to ensure that they are built with non-slip material and high-quality materials.

A boat lift installation involves installing a boat lift onto a dock or seawall to provide easy access for boats.

The number of steps you need on a dock ladder depends on the height and length of your dock. Generally speaking, two to four steps should be enough for most docks. Boat lift repairs typically use galvanized steel or aluminum reinforcements, as well as a non-slip rubber material.

The best material to use for building a dock is pressure-treated wood. This type of wood is treated with chemicals and preservatives to resist rotting, decay, and insect infestation. It also has a smooth surface that provides excellent traction when wet, making it safe for walking on even in wet conditions.